Tuesday, August 13, 2013

How to EAT like A ChiLD 2013!!!

Our 2013 Summer Camp has come to a close, featuring out performance of HOW TO EAT LIKE A CHILD: And Other Lessons in Not Being Grown Up.  It was a beautiful performance!  Thank you to all who performed and helped!  We really appreciate you!  Check out these fun pictures from the rehearsal and performance:

Last Rehearsal:

 Jolly Bucaneer

 The Dog

 Say "Yes"

 How To Understand Your Parents


 We Refuse to Fall Asleep

 The last one to Refuse to Fall Asleep

From The Performance on August 3rd, 2013 at the Dove Library Auditorium:

 I Feel Sick

 How to Eat Like A Child: Part 1

 How to Practice the Violin

 Rockin' Out

 How to Convince Your Parents to get a Dog

 How to Play

 How to Understand Your Parents

 Basically whatever they say "Means No"

 How to Eat Like a Child: Part 3

 How to Hang Up the Phone

 How to Wait

 How to Go to Bed

 "We do what we've got to!"
Even if we're not to.  Like a ch, ch, child! Yeah!!!

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