Music Classes

Sound System Kids creates a warm, nurturing environment that balances emotional and imaginative growth with real musical education. Unlike other early childhood music programs that focus solely on play and movement, we believe our purpose is to provide you and your children with the tools to develop musical literacy. We are not in business to sell you our brand of musical toy; instead, we offer you the developmentally based, researched backed curriculum of Musikgarten, which takes your child from infancy to kindergarten. Your child will transition from clapping along with a song to being ready to sit at a piano and learn.

Sound System Kids provides three courses: Family Music for Babies and Toddlers (birth to 3 ½ yrs), Cycle of Seasons (3yr to 5yr), and Music Makers (4yr to 6yr). These courses, developed by Musikgarten, are cumulative, building upon the knowledge and skills gained in the previous and culminating in instrumental skill.

Sound System Kids' instruction develops focused listening, beat, rhythm, tone, expression, and symbolic thinking skills in each child—skills that develop a lifetime of musical interest and competency. Too often we teach our children music backwards. We expect them to sit down at an instrument at the age of 6 or 7 and read and write with music, yet we’ve never taught them to hear and create the music in their minds. It’s as if we’re trying to teach them to read and write in Japanese without ever having given them the chance to hear or speak it. These children are frustrated, and they want to quit their instrument before they’ve ever really begun.

Sound System Kids believes that our children need to be able to think musically, or audiate, before they are ever asked to sit at a piano. They need to be able to hear a melody in their head. When children are comfortable with music in their head, they are able to internalize it. At Sound System Kids, we teach your child to internalize beat, rhythm, and pitch before we ever ask them to recognize the symbols. This internalization starts at infancy. When your one-year-old claps along to a song, she is starting to develop the skill and ease that will benefit her as she grows: if a child cannot clap the beat, her finger is not going to be able to play that beat on the piano. If a child cannot hear tone and pitch in her head, she is not going to hit that note on her instrument. When a child feels and moves her body to a musical crescendo, she begins to understand it in such a way that she can later create and express that same crescendo in her own music.

Our goal at Sound System Kids is to open up the world of music to your child in joyful—and measurable ways. Music’s melodic and rhythmic patterns awaken and stimulate neural pathways in the brain that help develop memory, math skills, and powers of abstract and creative thinking. Music touches all spheres of development:
  •  Language
  •  Self Expression 
  •  Concentration 
  •  Social Interaction 
  •  Fine Motor Skills 
  •  Listening 
  •  Problem Solving 
  •  Teamwork 
  •  Goal Setting 
  •  Coordination 
  •  Confidence 
  •  Self Esteem 
  •  Creativity 
  •  Poise 
  •  Bonding 
  •  Voice Expression 
  •  Family Interaction 
  •  Emotional Development 
Overall, music activities are ideal for your growing child. – Music immerses the child in language. – Evokes movement. – Stimulates the brain. – Fosters physical coordination. – Develops listening skills, the foremost necessity for learning.

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