About Us

In short, we're music teachers. We get to share our love of music with children ages 0-12. We get to watch them discover the joy of ensemble music making and performing. And we get that giddy proud "parent" feeling as we cheer them along. Best. Job. Ever.

Sound System Kids is a non-profit organization dedicated to provide more music education for children.  Founded and run by music teachers, we provide programs that are educational as well as full of joy. We strongly believe that learning music benefits other subject areas and learning, such as mathematics, language, and social skills. We also believe that the opportunity to make music in a group setting enriches the experience and teaches kids teamwork and cooperation.  Children learn music like they learn language which is why we offer classes for children as young as babies. As they learn to talk, they learn to sing.  As they learn to walk, they learn to dance.  As they learn to read and write, they learn to notate music.  Music learning becomes a natural, enjoyable process. 

Kristen Record, Instructor. Kristen graduated with a double major - Bachelors in Music: Elementary Music Specialist and a Bachelors in Science: Elementary Education from BYU where she also received an elementary education teaching credential.   It was at BYU, where she had the unique experience to work and collaborate with Dr. Jerry Jaccard, an international leader in music education today.  After she graduated, she became certified in Musikgarten and uses that unique program in our early childhood classes.  Kristen has over fourteen years experience teaching music to children from babies to teenagers.   She loves teaching children and loves to see them develop into budding musicians. 

Wendy Pendergrass, Chair.  Wendy has a B.S. from BYU.  She comes from a family of musicians and performers.  She was smitten by the performing bug at an early age when she was introduced to musical theater and has been on stage ever since.  She joined Sound System Kids in 2012 and feels very blessed to be part of this company that lines up so perfectly with her values: children, music, and creativity. She absolutely loves watching children grow and fall in love with the magic of music. She currently teaches piano at Giacoletti’s Music School and performs leading roles locally in Community Theater. 

Chelsea Monahan, Founder. Chelsea has a B.A. from UC Berkeley, a Masters from UC San Diego, and is a credentialed school teacher.  Her mother claims that Chelsea has been singing as long as she has been talking. Chelsea participated in the San Diego Children's Choir where she shone as a soloist on stages domestically and abroad. Some of her favorite performances have included participating in choirs for Handel's Messiah, solos in many of Europe's most famous cathedrals, and singing on stage in Carmina Burana at London's Royal Albert Hall under the direction of Sir David Willcocks along with The Really Big Chorus. More recently, Chelsea has served as director of her local church congregation's choir and has been a Board of Advisors member for the San Diego Children's Choir. 

Kiersten Brazier, Treasurer. Kiersten is a writer for teens and a mother.  After seeing the effect of music classes on her children as toddlers, she's a lifelong convert to the importance of music education for kids.

Janean Davis, Secretary.  Janean has a gift for all things artsy/crafty.  She runs a successful Etsy store and blog where she teaches a variety of design and craft skills. Being married to a musician/songwriter, she has seen the benefits music has had on her own children and is passionate about giving more children musical opportunities.

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